636 – Purple Haze Thoughts

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636-1Miles of Memories Charity Event is still running and also Doctors without Borders who are doing  a great job in the world.

Miles of Memories – a Charity Event to gain Money for the fight against Alzheimer’s Disease. In my first post I talked about that one day everyone will be effected by it – may it be you are the one who is ill or you have to take care. I also talked about my granny who suffered from Alzheimer’s Disease.
Caregivers of those loved one who suffers from this disease are running through a lot of grief and thoughts. It is very difficult seeing the person you love is slipping away.

SO you first see something is different but you deny and find excuses, you hope she is not ill, she will be better, is only getting older etc.
Then there is also resenting like you are frustrated…

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